How to Maintain Smooth and Natural Skin

Running away from nature and rushing back to it over and over again is a human characteristic. When it comes to natural skin care, it’s a general phenomenon that everyone is in search of some exterior care product to look more “natural.” Is it really possible? Well, skin care experts, dermatologists, nutritionists, fitness experts, all have something in their buckets to take you closer to that ultimate look and feel that you desire. 
Natural Skin Care


There are thousands of brands out there who do not just offer but claim that they have what you are looking for. “Seeing is believing” has already done the magic, and the user is either confused or has started believing that products do the trick and voila, “I look natural.”
Coming back to “how to maintain smooth and natural skin”, is there really a way out? Yes, there is. Simple, to look natural one needs to stay close to basics. How? It’s that mindset that needs to be changed. Only topical material is not going to help you achieve your required goal. Every skin care guru out there has a strong belief that you need to have a balanced lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions:
What are your eating habits? How is your sleep cycle? Do you exercise regularly? Do you hydrate yourself? Do you keep yourself away from undue stresses? Are you a workaholic?
If you are thinking twice to answer these questions, rest assured, you’re nowhere near to get that smooth and natural skin. But please don’t be discouraged. We are blessed with this human body that holds the ability of transformation. Sounds encouraging, right? 
Now since you are ready, here are some tips that can help you maintain smooth and natural skin:

1. Antioxidant-rich foods  

Don’t be afraid, nothing is unusual here.  Fruits and vegetables are by far the best source of antioxidants. Regardless of where you reside, you most certainly have access to seasoned fruits and vegetables. Make the best use of them. If there is less variety of fresh produce in your area, you can always use frozen items from your local supermarket.

Skin care fruits
2. Stay hydrated

60% of the human body is water. What does water intake do to your skin? It keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. Your next question would probably be, “how much water intake is enough for a day?” General guidelines say, 8 ounces per day, yet it’s better to listen to what your body needs. Anywhere from two to four liters is a good range with the higher end being more effective in places of higher average temperatures.


3. Take Care of your gut (stomach)

To avoid acne and eczema, one needs to have a healthy gut. The skin care gurus use the term, gut-skin axis. Gut health is generally pretty nuanced and complex, and everyone should learn how to keep one’s own gut flora healthy and nourished. A basic guideline is to avoid sugar and processed foods.


4. Incorporation of good fats in meals

Healthy fats should be some of your top choices. Avocados, flaxseed and nuts are a great source of healthy and strong cell membranes. The stronger and healthier they are, the better would be your skin’s health. Not having healthy fats (seeds, olive oil, chia, salmon and whole eggs) in your diet will cause your skin and hair to be dry.

Stay Active

One of the basics with regards to having smooth and natural skin is to stay active. Daily exercise routines increase blood flow throughout the body. What does daily exercise bring to your skin? Mineral, oxygen and nutrients. Working out makes your skin look better and brighter. 


6. Vitamin C

We do get vitamin C from our food. It can also be used as a topical treatment. Vitamin C is one of the top ingredients to keep your skin natural and healthy. What does Vitamin C actually do to your skin? Research says, it can protect against environmental aggressors, promote collagen and elastin production, brighten skin tone, and fade hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C for skin


7. Exfoliation 

“Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 30 days or so. Sometimes, dead cells don't shed completely.” 

This definition says it all.


8. Lukewarm Magic

Whether you are drinking it or rinsing your skin, too hot or too cold water can damage your skin to a great extent. So if you really want to keep those natural oils in your skin and avoid it drying out, keep the water lukewarm. 


9. Stay Stress Free

Are you serious about your skin? Then what is this stress doing in your life? Undue stress will bring aging, dark circles, pigmentation, and much more to your skin. It’s your choice now. Give yourself some time. One of the key factors to avoid stress is a good sound sleep. If you learn to manage your sleep cycle, you’d automatically stay away from stress. As a value addition, you’ll have a better appetite, your gut will function properly, and that will ultimately take you to your goal.


10. Moisturize

A lot has been said so far regarding skin moisturization through your eating habits. At the same time, a good moisturizer (rich in ceramides, peptides and electrolytes) is a must for your skin.

To keep your skin smooth and healthy, you need to have the right information and awareness about your inner health. A lot can be said, written and spoken but to sum it all up, following the steps mentioned above will take you to your goal of “Maintaining Smooth and Natural Skin.”

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