How Jamaican Black Castor Oil is good for Black Hair Care?

Most people have heard of castor oil. a number of you may have had to swallow a spoonful for medicine. But what about Jamaican black castor oil? We all aware of the fact that natural plant oils are great for black hair care. Which oils are the best?  Jamaican black castor isn't necessarily extract on an exotic Caribbean island. This oil comes from an equivalent source as regular castor oil, Ricinus communis, castor oil. Jamaican Black castor oil (JBCO) is incredibly the same as the regular white or slightly yellow castor oil that you simply are familiar with. The difference is within the way it passes from the bean in the form of oil.

 benefits of castor oil | black hair care uk

How it is extracted

Oils are usually extracted from plants or seeds in many ways. Oil extraction proces from seed often done using chemicals or heat, altering the natural composition of vegetable oil. The utilization of heat or chemicals extracts more oil, but can compromise with the standard. This is often why virgin or extra virgin vegetable oil is popular. It’s processed without heat or chemicals, the foremost expensive processing method but leading to a superior product.

 benefits of castor oil | black hair care uk

Regular castor oil comes from pressing the seeds of the castor plant, leading to a yellow liquid. If there's no heat, it's mentioned as "cold pressed". Jamaican black castor oil comes from a similar seeds of plants, but they're roasted, pulverized, then slowly boiled. No chemicals are involved inextraction process. As no chemicals are used during process, Jamaican black castor oil is superior to others in market. However, an outsized amount of heat is involved and ashes are left within the oil. Ash is that the main difference within the product. the top product is thick and dark in color, which is why the oil is named black castor oil.


The claim is that roasting the seeds results in better hair growth and improve skin health. This is kind of myth as we don't have any evidences to this claim. What we do know is that castor is superb for the hair and skin health.


JBCO's color is actually ash. The beans are ground and eventually the mash is boiled to extract the oil. Sunny Isle JBCO says:

“caster plant seeds are first roasted and after that grounded manually, after that bottom beans are boiled to extract 100% pure, dark brown in colour organic oil. it's the simplest quality oil on the market. Why are you surprised? this is often the darkest Jamaican black castor oil as compare to other brands in market because we roast our beans for extended , which produces more ash content in our oil than the other oil brands availabel. A greater content of ash in oil increases the effectiveness of the oil. "

Now, does ash somehow increase the effectiveness of castor oil when it involves hair growth? Or does the oil has hidden properties that oil itself undergo some kind of inner transformation when the seeds are in process of roasting or boiling? Frankly I don't know. it might certainly go against the traditional wisdom that storing oil is as natural a state as possible. There are tons of ladies who swear by this product and plenty of testimonials about the amazing results that folks have seen from using it.

Benefits of castor oil for the skin

Jamaican black castor oil may be a great facial cleanser for those that suffer from acne and may also help soothe and moisturize chapped lips. It's also useful against fungal, which help treat skin infections caused by fungal. Jamaican black castor oil also has incredible anti-aging and healing properties - apply it regularly to your face to stop any signs of aging or to scars on skin to assist reduce their appearance.


Benefits of castor oil for hair

Jamaican black castor oil is best suited to those hair types which need hydration. Castor oil is incredibly hygroscopic, which means it has tendency to absorb moisture from the air to your hairs. Hygroscopic nature keep hair and scalp hydrated, which eventually helps strong and healthy hair and scalp and prevents breakage, hairs will be shinier & healthier overall. The hygroscopic & antifungal properties make it a incredible anti-dandruff scalp treatment oil.

The Basics on Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Overall, castor oil is amazing for variety of reasons. Jamaican black castor oil will cost more. Is it worth it? Now it's your turn to decide. Regular castor oil is additionally excellent for the hair and skin both. Either way, we expect you will be amazed to check what castor oil does for your hair and skin.


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