Trendy and Natural Black Hair Products 2021

Black hair products are abundant within most markets. But many go for what is either affordable and of not-so-great quality or a full-on saloon treatment for a long-lasting flashy hair color.

It is synthetic so some degree of quality check is necessary. But at the same time, the color black is so versatile when it comes to hair so the upper threshold for looking the most natural comes easy. You just need to find the right product(s) for yourself to keep that purse a bit weighted, and to give you at least near-perfect black hair color.

Of course, you could just DIY it, but you might prefer getting it done by someone with experience and knowledge on the subject. While not a difficult task in itself, but like many hair products, it is best applied by a professional.

That said, here are 5 great natural black hair products for 2021.

 1. L’Oréal Professional DIA Richesse

Starting off the list with a commonly known brand, this semi-permanent dye will help you pull through your early days of hair dyeing. It retains a natural look and keeps those early gray hairs covered. The change isn’t too sharp either, so you won’t be feeling as taken aback with it when seeing yourself in the mirror.

While it is a good budget buy, it does have minor visible issues, but would mostly be noticed by the wearer. Colors might lighten sooner than you’d expect. However, you can tackle that disadvantage with the enormous palette of colors to choose from along with a bit of a glossy look from the product.

2. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

Consisting of plant-based ingredients, Naturtint gives your hair both the color and shine to add that much appreciated flare to your everyday. The substance dyes about as well as it promises, but to add to your fresh look, it retains the health and integrity of your hair, has complete gray coverage and is ammonia and sulfate free.


3. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème

Dried out hair wouldn’t be anything new, especially to those that dye their hair more often. If you’re one of those folks, then you’re likely to love this. Imparted with the benefits of various natural oils like grapeseed oil, this formula is built to moisturize those stressed tresses. And hey, it does just what the name says. While being another well received brand name, it falls well in the “savings” list of cosmetics.

If you’re one for variety then surely you can adopt this product as it comes in 6 different shades of black. And who needs to worry about difficulty applying it when it’s just a simple cream formula?

4.Biolage Hair Color

It’d be a bit of a stretch to say that hair color products (or any synthesized product) are completely natural. It’s synthesized for a reason. But you can at least hope to come close to “natural” with proportionally more plant-based cosmetics. Biolage is where it’s at. Minimal damage with highly plant-based formulas. As promoted, their formulas are vegan-friendly and 82% to 100% plant-based. The constituting ingredients of their formulas are also trademarked as being less than 10 in total.

It’s a great setup for a more natural approach to hair color. Whether or not it is off-putting to know depends on you, but the color isn’t permanent. It’s a deposit-only semi-permanent dye. It does settle easy on previously color treated hair, but it claims to work best on shampooed hair. Something for every choice party, though, is that hot water acts as a replacement for a developer.

5.Clairol Natural Instincts

Sticking with the trend of good-but-cheap, Natural Instincts by Clairol is one to grab your attention. Offering 6 shades of black from a total of 38, none straying from natural hues, Natural Instincts is formed to consist 80% of nature-based ingredients, including coconut and aloe vera. The website also has a section that provides just the Black shades, so that’s a save from closely examining each hue to see if it falls under black.

The color lasts for up to 28 washes before it fades away. But it sure does wonders against the undesired grays.

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning, if you really are the type to prefer doing things such as this by your own hand, not to worry! They have a short multi-step process right on the product page of their website.

There you have it. Our list of natural and trendy black hair products. We hope this information was useful and that you have gained more knowledge on the variety of black hair products available at your disposal. As always, be sure to read the product descriptions and perform a patch test to ensure no irritation occurs. Before you DIY anything, It is best to consult the right professionals for information related to allergies, reactions and such undesirable consequences.

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