How to Use Adore Hair Dye for Best Results

Adore is one of the most popular brands in the hair dye market. Boasting a range of 56 available shades, Adore offers semi-permanent hair dyes that are free of peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol, and leave your hair looking silky and shiny.


Adore hair dyes come in two ranges. Adore semi-permanent dyes offer 56 shades, while Adore Plus Extra Conditioning hair dyes include 16 different shades. The hair dyes in the Adore Plus range consist of argan oil and vitamin E to condition the hair, consequently improving the health of hair too.  Adore hair dyes are also not tested on animals, vegan friendly and last longer than other popular hair dyes. This is the reason why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the product has become the go-to colouring option for many people.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of some grays, or just thinking of adding a little flair to your locks, Adore hair dye is a perfect product for you. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at the steps to be followed if you want the best results out of your hair dyeing excursion.


Patch Test:

As with any new product, the first and foremost thing you should do is a patch test to see how you react to the product. While Adore hair dye is free of peroxide and ammonia, which are the prime causes of irritation to skin and eyes, being a bit vigilant can’t hurt.



If you’re not just trying to dye your gray hair, your hair would need to be significantly lightened first for the best results. This can be achieved by bleaching the hair. The amount of time you’d need to leave the bleach in depends on your natural hair color and obviously, the hair color you want to transition to. Usually, anything between 20-45 minutes is sufficient, however, the longer you leave it in, the lighter your hair will become. It is extremely important that you are careful and do not go overboard as bleach isn’t exactly known for its deep conditioning properties. It’s also a good practice to wait for a day or 2 after bleaching before you apply the hair dye.



Nourishment is an absolute necessity. Before applying the hair dye to your locks, wash your hair with a balancing shampoo. The shampoo will help to balance the pH of hair. For the most desirable results, your hair needs to have the correct acid balance. Dry your hair with a towel before proceeding to the next step.


Adore hair dye can leave stains on your skin if applied to it. Naturally, your hairline is at risk of getting painted a new color here. How can we avoid that? Apply protective hair cream to your hairline, so your canvas remains limited to where you want it.



Now comes the part where you actually apply the pigment to your hair. Start with dividing your hair into small sections, applying the hair dye carefully to each section, then moving on to the next. Try not to apply the product directly to the hair roots, leaving at least 1/8th of an inch from the root up. Repeat until all your hair is covered with the hair dye.


Once the hair dye has been uniformly spread throughout your hair, cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave it on for 15 minutes. Upon removing the plastic cap, rinse out the pigment thoroughly afterwards. Conditioning your hair after rinsing out the hair dye is a good measure for the health of your hair. Be sure to use a conditioner that doesn’t have alcohol in it and has a low pH value.

With that done, pat your hair dry, style, and flaunt them in their utmost dyed glory.


  • Be sure to bleach your hair before applying the hair dye. If not bleached, you may get little to no indication of having dyed your hair.
  • You can incorporate color-protecting conditioners and shampoos in your hair washing routine. This will help the dye stay longer. Do not use alkaline products during the process of dyeing your hair as that will disturb the acidic balance required for optimal results.
  • After you have dyed your hair, use alcohol-free hair products.
  • Do not mix the hair pigment with peroxide. 
  • Don’t apply the hair dye to your eyelashes and eyebrows.

As with any beautification treatment, hair coloring is a time-consuming process. This is evident due to the patience required for the entire routine. It is best to keep such activities for days when you have little stress about work or other preoccupations. The calmer and more at peace that you are, the better you will walk through the steps and the more attention you will give to detail. Remember that there is no harm in carefully preforming a hair dye experiment. Your hair is nature’s gift to your pleasant appearance. Treat it with love, concern and utmost gentleness to get the kind of results you crave for!

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