How to Get the Perfect Color with Crème of Nature Hair Dye

Everyone thinks about dying their hair at least once in their life – okay, maybe a few times. Truth be told, we ask ourselves a million questions when we are buying a hair dye. There is an avalanche of brands available in the market, and all these choices can be overwhelming. However, your hair dying experience just got easier with Revlon’s Crème of Nature color product line. With over 30 years of catering to multicultural hair, Crème of Nature not only has revamped its packaging, but the line also now promises all organic FDA approved products for styling and hair care.

Crème of Nature also reformulated their hair dyes by infusing them with organic ingredients like argan oil. This improvement will not only help hide those unwanted grey hairs, but they will also help with giving you the perfect color, nourishment and of course, the perfect shine.   

What makes a crème of nature hair dye different?

You can tell by the name; a crème hair dye is like a cream with a relatively thick consistency. Packed with conditioners and moisturizers, a crème of nature hair dye conditions and nourishes your hair while giving the perfect color to your locks. Crème of nature dyes are packed with argan oil and strengthening Micro- Sphere Technology. You cannot beat natural oils when it comes to hair care. Crème of nature hair dyes use the power of argan oil to provide your tresses with not just the perfect color but also with much needed nourishment and deep conditioning while maintaining a natural gloss. The strengthening Micro- Spheres penetrate the hair strands and protect them from dryness and breakage. Crème of nature hair dyes have been revered for giving 100% coverage so those unwelcomed grey hairs can finally say goodbye. You can choose a color from an extensive range of dyes that cater to multitextured hair types. However, the one noteworthy thing that will remain consistent is how vibrant and rich the color will appear on your hair. Now that’s a bargain!

Ammonia Free hair dye

Most hair dyes have ammonia as a major constituent. This leads to extreme damage and hair fall. The hair becomes brittle and lifeless. Crème of nature hair dyes help you attain the perfect color without any damage because all their dyes are ammonia free. You can dye your hair to any color you want without excessively damaging your hair.

Catering to All Hair Types

Crème of nature works for color treated or natural hair.  Although the dye may vary from texture to texture, the results, on the other hand, have always been promising.

How do I apply my crème of nature hair dye?

Its better if you do a trial before applying the entire dye to your hair. This will let you know how your dye will show up on your hair or if your skin is too sensitive to the dye itself. Here is a step by step on how to apply your crème of nature hair dye.

  1. After you have done a trial on a small patch, wrap a towel around your shoulders to avoid drippage on your clothes, which would lead to semi-permanent stains.
  2. In a bowl, mix equal parts of crème gel hair color and the developer.
  3. Apply the dye evenly throughout the hair.
  4. Set your timer and wait.
  5. Rinse out the hair dye.
  6. Style your newly colored hair anyway you want.

Crème of Nature dyes come with a conditioner and argan oil. Thus, when you are rinsing out the dye, you have your conditioning kit. This kit will help retain moisture and keep your hair nourished, bringing out a stellar glow. People usually avoid bleaching their hair because that is their one-way ticket to dry, damaged and brittle hair. Most Crème of nature hair dyes do not usually need bleaching agents in their dyes. This further ensures damage control.

The hair industry generates a hefty revenue, and since every now and then, there is a new brand introducing a new product into the market, it is not an easy business to be in. Surviving the competition for over 30 years and having a loyal customer base is proof that Crème of Nature hair dye does help you achieve the perfect dye. The raving customer reviews talking about how soft their hair is, how vibrant the color has been and how the organic ingredients have helped in limiting the damage. Now that you have all the information, you do not need to wait. Instead, go out there and get your hands on your favorite color from Crème of Nature’s extensive line of hair dyes to achieve the perfect hue with a vibrant and striking appearance.


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