Annoying, isn’t it? You just washed your face or got out of the shower and now it’s all white and itchy. Dry skin is basically just what the term implies; it’s dry…as is the humor here.  The basic cause of dry skin is just the skin not secreting enough oils or water to keep itself hydrated or moisturized. Of course there are external factors to influence that like cold weather, dehydrating soaps etc.

Dry skin, over time, can lead to cracks in the skin that can cause redness and inflammation of the afflicted area. But as far as the external factors’ influence goes, fortunately, with just some little changes in your daily life, you can develop an effective defense against the assault of dryness, and we’re here to help you with that.

Below are some essential dry skin care routines that can do wonders for the desert that our skin can become at times:


Moisturizing your skin while it’s still damp is very effective and definitely should be incorporated in a daily dry skin care routine. A good moisturizer goes a long way here, especially the ones with ingredients like glycerin and petroleum jelly. Applying a moisturizer to your skin after patting your face dry can lock in the moisturizer and prevent dryness.

Warm, not hot!

Washing your face with lukewarm water can prevent the drying of skin. Hot water strips the moisture from your skin and just aids the constant bane. Consequently, you should also avoid long hot showers for the same reason. Lukewarm water is your pal here.

Block the sun!

Not literally. But staying in the sun for too long is not really beneficial for your skin, be it dry or not. This is a general step but should be incorporated in your dry skin care routine nonetheless. Wearing a good sun block with an SPF of 30+ is generally recommended when you have sunny endeavors to attend to.

Exfoliate, Cleanse, Repeat

The daily dust and grime and accumulation of dead skin cells, isn’t exactly a helper here. It’s important to cleanse your skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells which may cause dullness and uncomfortable sensation on your skin. Cleansing and exfoliation, weekly or bi-weekly, can leave your skin glowing and much more comfortable, if done regularly. Look for scrubs that are specifically formulated for dry skin for best results.

Cleaning masks are an excellent way to cleanse the skin too. While the experience itself can be quite relaxing, masks clear the skin of dirt and impurities, leaving it relaxed and soothed.

Be gentle

When cleansing or drying your face, be gentle with your skin. Scrubbing too hard or rubbing your skin with a towel can increase the dryness and we don’t want that, do we? Patting your face with a clean towel leaves it damp enough for the right products to lock in the moisture.


Remember when we talked about the external factors causing dryness on your skin? Cold and dry environments, whether it is the winter season or the ever so caring breeze of an air conditioner, can leave your skin dry. A good humidifier works wonders here. Adding some moisture in the air can be beneficial in minimizing dry skin.


Eating habits make a lot of difference to one’s body. The intake of right nutrients doesn’t just help in maintaining one’s weight, it can do wonders for your skin too. Try to incorporate foods that are rich in omega fatty acids as they can enhance the natural ability of skin to retain essential oils. Fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting on fried items can help too. It’s the little changes that make the big difference.

Right Skin Care Products

It goes without saying that the right products can make a huge difference on your skin. Harsh soaps and cleansing agents are often the cause of dry skin and can cause irritation. Choosing soap with moisturizing agents can really help with dry skin. Makeup products should be subject to some scrutiny too before they touch your skin. Using the right products formulated for your skin type goes a long way in elevating one’s dry skin care routine.


As with anything, consistency in any good routine is essential for the best possible outcomes.  Find a good dry skin care routine that suits your skin type and schedule, and stick to that. You’ll find that it’s definitely worth it.

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