Bigen Hair Dye for Perfect Grey Coverage

Who doesn’t like a good hair day? Whether you’re on the move for your career or at home getting prepared for a soirée, a gorgeous color is all you need to look ravishing. Our hair is the one part of our anatomy that can make or break our overall look and appearance. We can leave a lasting impression on those we meet while also connecting with others on a more personal level. The right hair shade can give you a serious makeover all together. Now enough with the details, let’s move onto one of the best hair dyes in the market!

Bigen hair dye is a name you most certainly will be familiar with. A high-quality coloring product, it is fairly easy to apply. To our luck, one application lasts for a longer time, ultimately saving you from the hassle of applying a hair dye every few weeks. If you are looking to cover all your greys with a rich hue and formula while maintaining the texture and shine of your hair follicle, Bigen hair dye is the one for you! This hair dye will give you a natural-looking finish and produce highly effective results. Considering it is ammonia free, it does not render the type of damage that dyes laced with ammonia would cause. As a plus, Bigen hair dye does not have any strong, unpleasant odors, which makes this product a must have for hair color enthusiasts.

The vibrant product comes in a glass bottle which is packaged in a box. The constituents are in powdered form, and you have to mix the powder with water to form a paste and apply it to your dry hair. Now that we know quite the details on this excellent hair color, let’s walk you through a friendly guide for the application of this dye to yield jaw-dropping results. Follow the steps below and you will have great, natural-looking dyed hair in no time.

  • Grab the necessary essentials: get a plastic bowl, a pair of disposable plastic or rubber gloves, a plastic wrap to cover your shoulders and an application brush ready for use.


  • Add some Bigen hair color powder to your bowl, maintaining a check on the amount required according to your hair length. (Always read the labels and instructions on the box or in the accompanying leaflet!)


  • Add some water (room-temperature) into the Bigen powder and mix slowly and thoroughly until you get the consistency of a smooth paste.


  • A thin layer of Vaseline on the edges of your hair line can go a long way. Cover your shoulders with a plastic wrap or cloth and start applying this mixture to your dry hair.


  • Comb the mix through your hair for an even application.


  • If your hair has been treated with a chemical before, leave it on for about 15 minutes. Otherwise, let it sit and sink in for 30 minutes.


  • Wash your hair thoroughly until all the paste is out. Be careful not to let the chemical get into your eyes. Please take extra caution here.


  • Use Bigen Protect and Repair shampoo to wash your hair afterwards. This helps keep the color on your hair even longer. The color protect shampoo depends on your preference, but Bigen Protect and Repair shampoo is highly recommended to use with Bigen hair dye.


Bigen hair dye comes in a variety of shades of black and brown: 59 Oriental Black, 26 Golden Brown, 37 Dark Auburn, 45 Chocolate, 46 Light Chestnut, 47 Medium Chestnut, 48 Dark Chestnut, 56 Rich Medium Brown, 57 Dark Brown, 57 Black Brown, 76 Copper Brown, 88 Blue Black, 96 Deep Burgundy. You can pick a suitable color for your hair and expect to look refreshed and youthful after one application.  



Bigen hair dye is an extremely affordable and budget-friendly dye with great results. Each pack costs about  $5. Depending on your hair length, you can use the amount of product accordingly. Usually, shoulder-length hair is covered within one pack.

With Bigen hair dye, you don’t have to break the bank for natural-looking dyed hair and a younger you, in one application. It guarantees long-lasting results while keeping the texture and health of your hair. When used in combination with Bigen Protect and Repair shampoo, the results are even better and long-lasting. Give this fantastic product a try and you won’t regret it. Even if you don’t like it (which is very unlikely to happen), it costs less than $10, so it won’t be hard on your pocket. Get ready to see some amazing results along with a healthy hair texture and finish.





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